Sportshall Athletics

Cambs AA sports-hall events and representative teams

Cambridgeshire AA organise annual Sports-hall athletics competitions, on a team competition basis, which are then used as the basis for County team selections for the Regional finals for Under 11’s and for Under 13’s/Under 15’s.  

Sportshall coordinator is-Louise Richardson   richa1652946249rdson165294624957@nt1652946249lworl1652946249d.com1652946249

Report of the 2022 Regional final

Photo of Regional final team 2022

Sportshall 2022/23

After a successful 2021-2 season we would like to launch Sportshall 2022 – 3 with the following 3 events

Saturday 1 October 2022 – at Bushfield Leisure Centre, Peterborough  PE2 5RQ,  ‘Welcome to Sportshall’  This will be an event to introduce local GPAN clubs to Sportshall

County Team Selection Events

Saturday 5 November 2022 – at Bushfield Leisure Centre, Peterborough PE2 5RQ.  from  12.30 am – 3.30 pm

Saturday 3 December 2022 at University Sports Centre, Cambridge CB3 0AS from 11.00 am  – 5.00 pm (Provisionally booked)

more details to follow.

 The competitions involve three age groups,:

Under 11’s,                    School Years 5 – 6

Under 13’s                     School Years 7 – 8

Under 15’s                     School Years 9 – 10

using their age as on 31st August 2022 ( ie last summer’s T&F age-groups).

 County teams of Under 11’s, Under 13’s and Under 15’s will be selected from the results of the fixture, for a Regional event

The competitions are as follows:

Under 11’s – teams of 6 boys or 6 girls (You can include additional athletes into the team if you have spares, but no mixed gender teams please). Each team member will take part in 3 field events, an individual 1 lap and 2 lap race  and may also take part in 2 relays. There are nine field events grouped as jumps (3), agility (3) and throws (3). Competitors may not compete in more than one event from any group. Relay events are Circuit (Obstacle) relay (4 runners), 4 x 1 lap relay, 6 Lap Paarlauf , 1+1 lap Relay (2 runners),

Group A – Standing Long-jump, Standing Triple Jump, Vertical Jump. Group B –  Balance test, High Stepper and Speed bounce. Group C – Chest push, and soft javelin. Two athletes to score in each individual event

Note this is different from previous years for under 11’s

Under 13’s – teams of up to 12 boys or 12 girls. No mixed teams. Athletes may take part in a maximum of 3 individual events plus 2 relays. Events are 2 lap race, 4 lap race, 6 lap race, shot, standing Long jump, standing triple jump, vertical jump, speed bounce, paarlauf relay (2 athletes), 4 x 2 lap relay, circuit relay (4)

Non-scorers are permitted in all events subject to the limit of 3 individual events per athlete.  “B” teams can be entered.

Under 15’s – teams of up to 6 athletes – the highest scoring 4 individuals are scored together with the relays to give the team score. Each athlete must take part in 3 individual events, one from each group, and may do only one relay.  Teams must not have more than 3 athletes in any single event.

Group A – 2 lap race or 4 lap race, Group B – shot or Speed Bounce, Group C – Standing Long jump and either Standing Triple jump (Boys) or Vertical Jump (Girls)

Non-scorers are permitted in all events subject to the 3 individual event limit per athlete.

It would be appreciated if all clubs and schools could initially confirm their interest, and in which age-groups, by e-mail to Louise Richardson at loura1652946249thlet1652946249ics101652946249@gmai1652946249l.com1652946249

Cambs AA will provide and allocate athlete numbers.

Preliminary team declarations should be e-mailed 48 hours before the event (Wednesday evening) to noelm1652946249oss@b1652946249tinte1652946249rnet.1652946249com1652946249 using the forms below (ignore the numbers columns).

Cambs AA will then allocate numbers and e-mail the Declaration sheet back to you.

A copy of the team declaration sheet with any changes highlighted should then be handed in on the day to the recorders.

Team Declaration Sheets

Timetable for Dec 4th – amended

School/Club invitation letter