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Please see our updated selection policy below for details.

Track and Field 2022
County Schools TF – Cancelled due to lack of officials
Anglian Schools TF – Cancelled due to lack of officials
English Schools TF –

Any athlete achieving English Schools entry or national standard must email Siobhan and make her aware of the achievement. A link to the results must be attached’
 Siobhan Skinner – siobh1718680201anski1718680201nner817186802019@hot1718680201mail.1718680201com1718680201


Cross-Country Selection Policy 2020

Track and Field

Selection for the County Schools T&F is done by each district through their own district schools competitions.

The selection for the Anglian Schools will be taken from those who run at the County Schools, with the top two in each event being selected. Special considerations for those who are unable to run at the County Schools (with good reason), will be considered but as a guest and only one per event. Please again contact siobh1718680201anski1718680201nner817186802019@hot1718680201mail.1718680201com1718680201.

For seniors, there is no senior competition at the County Schools however if seniors wish to run they
can run as guests. Selection for the Anglian Schools will be done by special considerations, so if you would like to run again please email me. siobh1718680201anski1718680201nner817186802019@hot1718680201mail.1718680201com1718680201

Unfortunately  there is no Year 7 competitions in Track and Field

siobh1718680201anski1718680201nner817186802019@hot1718680201mail.1718680201com1718680201 – Siobhan Skinner’

Competition Results

For national schools results please refer to the ESAA website – 

Any related enquiries should be addressed to siobh1718680201anski1718680201nner817186802019@hot1718680201mail.1718680201com1718680201">siobh1718680201anski1718680201nner817186802019@hot1718680201mail.1718680201com1718680201

County Schools T&F Results 2018

Anglian Schools T&F Results 2018

Anglian Schools XC Results 2018

County Cross-Country Results 2018 (V2)