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Information page for Cambs AA Track and Field events (Championships and Open meetings)

Anti doping rules link to National policy guidance click here. We strongly advise that you read this before entering our events

Cambs AA – T&F events 2024

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Permit for T&F champs 2024

Championship Best Performances 2023

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Evening Open meetings are proposed for 22nd May, 19th June and 17th July at St Ives and will include some championships events as listed above. Events for wheelchair athletes and race runner athletes will be included. Timing will be electronic. The events will open for entries from 15th April 2024.

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Prospectus for Evening Meetings 2024 click here

Permits for Open meetings 2024 Open 1 Open 2 Open 3

Results for May 22nd 2024

Results for July 19th 2023

Results for June 14th 2023

Results for May 31st 2023

Athletics Footwear – Everyone will be fully aware of the debate on shoe technology over the last year of lockdown and so it’s worth ensuring you are up to date with the current rules issued by UKA.
Helpfully there is a full list of which shoes are/are not allowed for track, field, cross country and road events (not all shoes permissible on the road are allowed for track events)! A statement from UK Athletics says that the UKA Rules Group has determined that it is appropriate that the amendments to the Rule should apply to all competitions held under UKA rules both as a matter of fairness and also due to the range of events within the UK where qualifying mark, selections standards and records can be set.”  “Adhering to these rules is therefore a responsibility that starts primarily with the athlete and athletes will need to take responsibility to ensure that their shoes conform to the rules and understand that event officials will have the right to check shoes and take appropriate action.” The list can be found here

Data Protection – athlete entry data

Cambridgeshire AA will not release any athlete data to any third party other than as spcified below and the data provided will not be used for any marketing purposes. Data may be used by county team managers to contact athletes for team selection, and to register county teams with authorised event organisers. Published results (on the County website and data passed to Power of 10) will include only the athletes name and competition age-group and the event performance. Online entry data will be retained by Runtrack for future entry purposes until the athlete is no longer competing. Paper entry data will be destroyed 6 months after the event has taken place.